What does a Life Coach do?

My role as a Life Coach is to identify what you hope to gain from coaching and support you in achieving your goals.  There’s a proven process I follow building on your strengths and in line with your life purpose.  It’s exciting, and a brilliant adventure into your own personal journey.


Bren Murphy

I am a living, breathing example of wellness, resilience and healing.  My life purpose is to be an inspirational father and accepting husband.  As well as connect authentically with people like you wanting to experience the benefits of life coaching and personal development.

I meditate everyday, I practice yoga most days, and I run a few times a week.  Living in beachside Merewether means I can fully appreciate the ocean and the surf.  I’m also a keen landscape gardener, with an acre or so of sub-tropical bushland re-generated with palms, ferns and  climbing trees. 

I believe natural, unprocessed foods, and we keep a flock of free range hens to keep us supplied with daily eggs.  Though not strictly vegetarian, I avoid land meat – fish is always on the menu.

Life coaching is not about me telling you what to do – or what not to do.  It’s about helping you find a point in your life where you are ready to reset and re-focus on the things you know, deep down, are important but perhaps you might have been not paying attention to or even just flat out avoiding.



Radical Self Care

Proven positive psychology and personal development tools

  • stop being ruled by fear
  • unlock your limiting beliefs
  • learn how to let go
  • release non-forgiveness and anger

A heart-centered exploration of self care is one of the most profound experiences you can gift yourself.  It begins with giving yourself permission to grow and flourish and finding the courage to buy yourself a ticket for the journey.


The Decision is Yours

Ultimately, as always, it’s your choice and I would like to encourage you to follow me on Facebook Twitter and go ahead and read some of my articles.  I am living this journey one day at a time and look forward to the opportunity to meet and share with new faces.


Wellness Conversations on the go

Some of my most powerful revelations occur when I am walking at the beach, or running through Glenrock National Park.   We can schedule calls so we do the coaching whilst you workout, or commute, or even while you watch the kids at swimming lessons.

Nothing is too hard, or out of reach – we just have to make it a priority, schedule it, and then stick to the plan.  Right now is the best time to start and you can do that by calling me toll free on 1300 084 004, I’ll answer between 8am and 8pm.



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