Let’s talk and walk…

Walking and talking is the natural way to open up and explore what is on your mind.  People like you who walk with me find new ways to look at things.  Problems untangle – barriers crumble, limiting beliefs evaporate.  Literally as we cover ground with our footsteps – we also cover ground with healing, evolving and growing.

There’s a proven process I follow, based on Mindfulness and Applied Positive Psychology.  Together we create your archetypal profile, based on your strengths, values and your “why”.  

It’s a unique healing modality, and just the beginning of a brilliant adventure into your own personal journey.

Call 1300 084 004 to arrange a walk
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Bren Murphy

I came to study life coaching after a lifetime spent studying and learning. I have studied across three universities across three decades, as well as TAFE certificates and dozens of workshops and retreats. I started as a student lawyer, then teacher, then business owner… But traditional education only took me so far – it was not until I let go of almost everything and re-constructed my worldview in terms of growth and self acceptance that I reached a space where I am fully open and able to be of service.

I’m not about to run off and live in a cave to find enlightenment – nor do I think you need to either!

All of us come to this moment with existing responsibilities and obligations and interests – as well as strengths, values and personal archetypes. Life Coaching is about exploring what limits you, and then revealing the direction you want to grow in.

It is about exploring what you have right here and now. I offer you a grounded lilfe coaching experience – grounded as in my own experience as at times a factory process worker, a start up business founder, a web developer, a student of yoga and a writer and author as well as husband of twelve years and father to three daughters. You, too, are a rich tapesty of experience, contrasts and driving energies.

I meditate everyday, I practice yoga most days, and I run a few times a week. Living in beachside Merewether means I can fully appreciate the ocean and the surf. I’m also a keen landscape gardener, with an acre or so of sub-tropical bushland re-generated with palms, ferns and climbing trees.

I’m inviting you to come walk with me for an hour or so, drop deep into a mindfulness experience and share exactly what’s on your mind. It’s about walking it out – and as we breath and cover some ground together – being aware of what comes up and how you already have within you the seeds of change.

Our work together is planting those seeds and supporting you to nurture and grow – in the direction you want.
Call me 1300 084 004 or share exactly where you are at with an email to bren@thelifecoach.net.au

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Radical Self Care

Proven positive psychology and personal development tools

  • stop being ruled by fear
  • unlock your limiting beliefs
  • learn how to let go
  • release non-forgiveness and anger

A heart-centered exploration of self care is one of the most profound experiences you can gift yourself.  It begins with giving yourself permission to grow and flourish and finding the courage to buy yourself a ticket for the journey.

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Wellness Conversations on the go

Some of my most powerful revelations occur when I am walking at the beach, or running through Glenrock National Park.   There is scientific proof that moving your body helps with unblocking your thoughts and making breakthroughs.  This is where my life coaching style is completely unique!

Nothing is too hard, or out of reach – we just have to make it a priority, schedule it, and then stick to the plan.  Right now is the best time to start and you can do that by calling me toll free on 1300 084 004.

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Join the Mindfulness Newcastle Meet Up

We’re a group of 200+ mindful walkers  – we participate in daily wellness walks across Newcastle’s most stunning locations.