Abundance Psychology The Law of Attraction

With abundance psychology, you can have definitely anything you want in life. You simply need to understand ways to produce desired outcomes. There’s a very simple four-step formula that you can utilize to create any outcome you desire in life. It’s one of the key definitions of life coaching.  To illustrate how this process works, we’re going to suppose that it’s your desire to develop wealth. (If developing wealth is not something you have an interest in, simply change wealth with whatever you desire when following the exercise.).

Today, right this really minute, you can be wealthy. You have a right to be wealthy. You can be rich.  In your mind you are a fat person. Are you a fat individual or are you a thin individual? Unless you’ve done something more than just go on a diet which just impacts your body, you are still a fat individual.  Provided time your body will revert back to its old self.   It’s just going back to homeo-stasis, we see it all the time with Life Coaching in Sydney.  The body (the thin individual) is fit, trim and full of energy. Your inner self (the fat individual) still holds the image of someone who is overweight.

Law of Abundance

The first thing you need to realize is that your thoughts develop your life. If you do not think me, browse right now at your life (where you live, the job you have, the cars you drive, the relationships you have, etc) – all of these things are a direct result of the thoughts you have actually continuously concentrated on up until now.  One of the benefits of life coaching is that you have this clarity.

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You (and your thoughts!) are responsible for both the excellent and the bad. Like we pointed out previously, what’s terrific about this idea is that you can stop living your life as a victim and begin taking control and producing the life that you want. To be rich you need to begin to think thoughts of wealth. You need to completely remove unfavorable thoughts. As soon as a negative thought creeps up on you, squash it! Get rid of it immediately.

NOW is all that matters – it’s all there is. Begin to live in the NOW seeing yourself as BEING wealthy, as having more than you could ever want or require. If you’ll do that, disallowing doubt and unfavorable thoughts, you will have it!  IUt’s is really helpful to recruit some mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you with this process.

Manifesting Abundance

They tend to follow your ideas. Just as with “being” and “thinking”, your words can work for you or versus you.

Not “someday” I’ll be rich, or I’m going to be wealthy. I am rich – present tense, in the NOW!

I take this really seriously. A rule in my company is that everyone must have something good to state, to every person, every time.

See your words. A good way to truly get a handle on how you speak is to get a tape recorder and walk with it for a few days. This can be a powerful starting point with abundance psychology to help you change your life.  Tape record everything you say and play it back at the end of the day. You’ll be stunned, even while understanding you were being taped, what sort of negative, self-defeating and critical words you use in a day.

Abundance Psychology

The last step in Abundance Psychology and the Development Process is action. You’re already ‘being’ a rich individual. You’re believing like a rich individual and speaking like a wealthy person. Your last action is to imitate a wealthy person. How do you act rich? It’s simple. Go where rich people go. Check out upscale areas. Drive around and pick out your new house. See automobile dealers and test drive your dream car. Go browsing in high end shopping malls or shopping locations. Invest the day in a museum. Rub elbows with other wealthy people.

Whenever I begin a brand-new venture or construct a brand-new company I teach the people working with me to “act as if.” I tell them about abundance psychology from the very start, it’s crucial to get mindset right from the very first day. That despite what our existing situations might be– let’s state we’re building a company with a vision for thousands of clients, but when we first begin we might just have a dozen or two customers– we need to ‘act as if’ we were already servicing the thousands. This is a very important practice to master. It’s a natural expression of Being, Believing and Speaking.