Benefits of Life Coaching

Benefits of Life Coaching are on the one hand as dramatic and life changing as you might expect.  But also, subtle and profound on a longer timescale.  Life Coaching Newcastle is about getting the best of the West in what western positive psychology and mindfulness offers, as well as an intellectual feast from the East in terms of Meditation, Buddhist teachings and the serenity of yogic thought.

The first and perhaps easily overlooked benefits of life coaching is you will be offered an opportunity to talk.  It’s part and parcel of the definition of life coaching – conversation.  And, as you talk, I will listen and engage and deeply connect with what you are saying.  That in itself is a life changing moment – to be actually listened to and not hurried or urged to self-censor or to somehow quicken up in time for some time limit. People are over-scheduled with obligations and expectations and having the space to actually unpack and share is valuable.  This is how you can change your life with life coaching.

Life Coaching basics

As a life coach, I am trained in heart-centered coaching methods, as well as neurolinguistic programming models, so I can listen without judgement, implied or otherwise.  Again, simply knowing that you can talk and unpack your thoughts in a non-judgmental environment is really helpful.


Breaking through from a place of being stuck or overwhelmed is about gaining a new perspective.  And once you gain the new perspective, the elements of stuckness suddenly fall away.

So how do we gain a new perspective on what might be a lifelong attachment to an old problem from childhood.  Like feeling dumb.  Or thinking your are not enough.  Or believing that you cannot do exercise because you are not coordinated.  Or that you have big bones and a slow metabolism.

These kind of lifelong blockages begin with a pivotal moment earlier in life – and somehow we have built up a story around it, like how an oyster develops a pearl from a tiny grain of sand.  But in our case, the pearl is not so beautiful – instead it is inertia and stuck-ness and resistance.  We grip so tightly on the old information and have woven the story so deeply into our lives that it literally has become a part of us.  We believe the old story from decades ago as if it is still the truth.  And it limits us and holds us back everyday in our present life.  But it doesn’t have to be like this – there are mindfulness meditation techniques to overcome this.

Benefits of Life Coaching

At this point, you are face with a choice – it’s whether you want to step back into the murky depths of time and go to the place where the triggers were started and try to nut out exactly what happened and then re-frame the relationship that moment has with you today.  OR, you can opt instead for the life coaching approach, which begins with acceptance and forgiveness.

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We accept whatever has happened, fully and completely.  It’s about taking responsibility and recognising that whilst we may not be the one at fault, or have done the wrong thing, ultimately we embrace and accept the moment as uniquely ours.  It’s extremely powerful and transforms your relationship with the event of the problem.

Acceptance is not the same as letting it win, or being defeated by it – acceptance is taking the emotion and feeling out of it as best you can and seeing it as a blameless, cold thing that just happened – like an act of nature – a flood or fire that just happened without any malicious intent.  To keep fighting against a natural event like a flood or drought or the action of the waves is pointless – those things go on happening regardless.  That is the level of equanimity we must hold to the trigger moment in our own lives, and one of the great benefits of life coaching.

What is Life Coaching all about?

I’m going to diverge here a moment and explain equanimity a little deeper.  It’s from my yoga experience – and it comes down to treating your body with a calm acceptance when you are unable to sink deep into a fold or stretch or bend.  The mind immediately races off and starts a story around why you are not able to do the pose – like being too fat, or too lazy, or not naturally athletic or whatever – but then if you can set those thoughts aside and just accept where your body is at this moment and how far you can fold into the pose – that’s embracing equanimity.

Not judging or comparing – just seeing it as it is and working with it as best you can.  It’s a powerful way of seeing the world and once you can fall back on a sense of equanimity, so much personal suffering can be avoided.

Benefits of Life Coaching include things like that – philosophical gems from all streams of thought as well as Positive Psychology from the West.  It’s about getting some space and time to clarify exactly what you are doing and the purpose behind it.

Most of all, don’t listen to those who might suggest that life coaching is not worth it or that there are simple answers to be found by just getting on with it.  Life can be changed dramatically once you let go of your own limiting beliefs and embrace your essential purpose.