Finding Your Strengths

From an early age I believe I was told what strengths were admirable or valued – instead of being given the space to explore just what exactly my strengths were.  Much later, in my thirties after a series of hesitant explorations at different career paths, did I come home to myself and appreciate and fully accept my strengths.  Finding Your Strengths is like that.  Your strengths are there, inside, and you can access them through intuition, deeper self awareness and patient self acceptance.

Finding your strengths

High achievement originates from understanding what you succeed, exactly what you like and where your enthusiasm lies. Mid-level performance originates from people who can “manage” or are doing something “acceptable” however they are not utilizing their talents to the maximum. Finding your strengths is about self awareness and self acceptance.  When people do something they love and have some skill for, they are unstoppable!

I know I have sometimes taken a strength for granted and instead pursued things that I was weak at in an effort to improve.  But this constant cycle of self improvement can be self defeating and frustrating – in the sense that you are far less likely to achieve the flow state.  In the same way – some strengths are actually wrongly perceived as weaknesses – like forgiveness for example.

Finding Your Strengths

Think about a teen learning to own, play sports or music, or asking someone special for a very first date. Or how about your very own decision to be an excellent parent, excellent enthusiast or successful investor. Here’s a fun test for finding your strengths, or see what Gary V has to say on the topic..  When we are doing something that “makes sense,” something that draws and thrills us, we discover methods to get proficient at it. “First, understand yourself” and constantly opt for your strengths, enthusiasms and skills!

Know your weak points

All of us have blind spots and weaknesses. We have things we do not delight in, or do not wish to do, and yet frequently we produce lives or professions that require us to do exactly that! How dumb is that?  It is what a Holistic Wellness Coach helps you overcome – making poor choices and decisions and then hunkering down to defend them

Being able to humbly accept your weaknesses and move on is a big help in getting ahead.  Finding your strengths is as much about letting go of  your weak points.

If you don’t like information work, employ a bookkeeper! If you are shy or introverted, don’t enter into sales or politics! If you’re a natural born entrepreneur, I would not suggest a career in the armed force. Like, duh!

Identifying Personal Strengths

Regrettably, most of the time our weaknesses are not so dramatic and we find ways to conceal or work around them. We end up in scenarios where we can get along, however we “forget” to do the accounting or determine the budget. We get “bored” with meetings or annoyed with “those dreamers” in the R&D department. It’s important to know what you’re good at, but it’s definitely important to know exactly what does not fit you.

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Acknowledge your weaknesses! Do not spend your life “attempting” to do things that don’t fit! Life’s too short for that! Build on your strengths instead of compensating for your weak points.

Know what you want

All of us have dreams and desires. We know what brings us pleasure, what thrills us, exactly what fires us up. Often, we get puzzled or misplace our dreams, but they are still “in there.” The technique is to determine and reveal them!  Its all part of demystifying the concept of happiness life coaching.

The winners in life understand exactly what they desire and they discover healthy, productive methods to go after it. My comment was that “when you understand what you want, you’re much more likely to get it.”

It’s like the power of a laser – which is essentially concentrated light – it can burn through steel.  But alone – it is light which can barely burn human skin!

Know the best ways to express yourself

The final piece is “discovering your voice,” your special method to let the world understand you exist. Some do this naturally and end up being entertainers, political leaders or whatever. Others struggle to reveal themselves, however winners eventually discover a method. They speak up. They reach out. They “go for it” and “make waves.” They voice their ideas, work for their causes, and make a distinction in the world.

High accomplishment begins by understanding who you are, what you want, and going after it. There is no stopping a human being who knows who they are, exactly what they want, and is identified to get it.