Happiness Life Coaching

Happiness Life Coaching is best described as some simple life hacks to bring into your daily routine.  We can read and read about things – but putting it in place as a daily action is where you can really begin to change your life.  Repeated focused action has powerful results over time.

1. Practise day-to-day Gestures of Thanks

Daily salutes or gestures of gratitude or personal rituals are essentially rather easy, really individual and typically spontaneous reflections, observations and thankfulness for that with which you understand you are blessed. They can take five seconds or five minutes, be easy or complicated, and themed to fit you.  Happiness Life Coaching works on basic approaches like this.  This means you can experience the benefits of life coaching each day in a simple private and personal gesture of thanks.

My yoga teacher introduced it to me when he stated we should pay for the class with a little prayer of thanks. Even if it was simply joining our hands together in prayer position and raising it to my lips. The key is that the salute is a physical thing – like a little prayer or a nod or a giving of thanks.  No matter where you look you will see giving gratitude and being grateful for what you have as a starting point for all life coaching definitions.

In my everyday salutes I may take a half-minute to bow to each of the directions. It could be an easy act of closing my eyes and saying thank you to Spirit. Or I might take longer and imagine white, miraculous and healing light wash all over me. Happiness life coaching depends- every day and every salute is different (which is one factor I don’t call it an everyday ‘routine’– calling it a routine would indicate I practice consistency or a structured treatment).  But don’t get hung up on whether it is unique each day or not – sometimes relaxing into the routine is all that you need – it’s different with life coaching online.

Happiness Life Coaching

Whatever I do, it is typically based on a conscious guarantee to my Self that I am honouring and loving my im/perfections and options. It is something I bring to my mindfulness and meditation techniques during each week as well.  And it is always free-flowing, simple and as basic or complicated as I need it to be. I think of it as a fast ‘oil and lube’ for my mind and attitude to straighten it with Spirit.

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2. Beware your unfavorable self story

If you decide that you are tired of searching in the mirror and seeing a damaged, frumpy old body in it, you may choose to change your toxic thinking by saying, ‘I am beautiful.’ In this manner you’ll begin to discover your shimmering eyes, knock-em-out smile and the years of knowledge that lie underneath the layers of wrinkles. Right? But what truly takes place when you look yourself in the eye and state, ‘I am stunning’? What you hear in your head after you’ve stated your affirmation is the real voice your subconscious is paying attention to.

If this little voice is laughing, scoffing or challenging your affirmation it is overriding your favorable intents. If you’re great at self-trashing, then you most likely won’t even hear the vital inner voice at. The self-talk may go something like this: You: I am lovely Your inner voice: NO YOU ‘RE NOT!

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Reprogram the your inner voice. Bring your focus to abundance psychology and the law of attraction.  The concept is to retrain your inner voice to sing a favorable tune.

You: I am lovely Your inner guide: Yeah, I see it! My eyes are flecked with magic, my dimples are deeper than ever, and I am absolutely beauty-FULL! Learning how to reprogram your mind to believe favorably is the only reliable method of counteracting all the random noise and accomplishing comfort.

3. Make ‘It is simple’ your motto

Some issues are simple to resolve: you simply do it. Others are more challenging, or more complex, or simply method too hard. Or are they simply hard since you’re conditioned to think that they’re difficult? Why does it have to be hard? Why can’t it be easy? If you catch yourself saying, ‘It’s hard’, stop and purposely alter your statement to, ‘It is simple’. It is easy, it is simple, it is easy. It is everything about getting into the effortless flow of being and letting things simply take place.

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Feel how wonderfully simple everything appears after you have actually stated it is simple! Your mind unexpectedly opens to discovering solutions rather than seeing blockages and resistance.  It’s because you are getting closer to approaching the flow state. You cannot make footprints in the sands of time if you’re resting on your butt. So change your mind to change your mind, and get moving. Instead of accepting the struggle – accept the flow and ease of getting out of the way of yourself.

4. Give gratitude and thanks

Writing and reading about your true blessings serves to remind you how fortunate and fantastic you are. To puts it simply, when you see and acknowledge all the important things you need to be grateful for, life reacts in kind.