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  • Right now you have a challenge in front of you.  
  • How much longer are you going to wait?  
  • Experience intuitive, heart centered life coaching.
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Hire Life Coach

Completely Unique Service

If you want template life coaching, I suggest you keep looking.  There’s a lot of coaches offering the same basic approach. Here’s what makes The Life Coach unique

Unique multiple modality approach

  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Archetypes Analysis
  • Positive Psychology

30 day launch


Set your sights on an action based month.

Includes 5+ hours of coaching calls.

Resources, Materials + Feedback.

Hire Life Coach
Hire Life Coach

90 day lift


Life Change from ground zero upwards.

17+ hours of coaching calls

One season to re-energise your life.


Hire Life Coach
Hire Life Coach

90 day thrive


Break free, re-focus and re-invent.

37 + hours of coaching calls

An immersive life coaching experience.

Hire Life Coach


Trigger increased self awareness by mastering your mindset.



Kickstart your body, re-discover movement and body acceptance.


Hire Life Coach


Coaching calls 60 min

Schedule calls for flexible delivery to suit your lifestyle.  Let’s get a mastermind session on your topics.


Phone Coaching

three step book

Laser Focus

Priorities > Actions > Results  

I’m only a phone call away with motivation, inspiration and good vibe energy.

Hire Life Coach
Hire Life Coach

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Hire Life Coach

Raising your consciousness and breaking free from the herd is about generating a new energy.

You will be creating a new energy for yourself and the direction you intend to grow.

But at the same time, you will be letting go, facing your fears and taking a good look at yourself in the mirror.  It’s actually quite painful at first – and as you work through the process and stop resisting who you actually are, you come to acceptance and forgiveness.