Life Coaching Definition?

Life Coaching Definition?

The Life Coaching definition I like best is a person who helps people achieve their goals in life.  I appreciate this is a very straightforward definition, so I ‘ll elaborate further on what I understand life coaching to be from my certification training.  Life Coaching is about taking you at the present moment and working with you to gain skills, tools and strategies to enable more satisfying life outcomes.  It is not about delving deep into your past, or healing old emotional trauma.  Life Coaching is intentionally focused on the future and builds on a positive psychology mindset.

Life Coaching is essentially listening to a client talk about her progress and challenges and framing questions to her in such a way that she organically arrives at her own answers to her questions.  This way, the client does not present as a problem to be fixed or a challenge to be solved, but instead as an individual seeking her own solution.

Life coaching becomes, in effect, a sounding board for you to bounce your ideas, concerns and potentials off somebody who is trained to listen and offer constructive and unbiased feedback.  It’s like the benevolent tribal confidante who can listen without judgement and resist giving straight up advice.  But instead, gently guide you toward revealing your own answers, in a delicate and sensitive manner.  The definition of life coaching is that it is as much about creating space and not being overly prescriptive as much as being a good listener and establishing a working rapport with your client.

Fundamentally life coaching is about being open to and embracing change as a way of moving forward on issues or challenges you might otherwise be stuck on.

What is life coaching designed to achieve?

Life coaching is designed to achieve a more full and flourishing experience of life.  Most clients feel a lack or incompleteness around their life and through the coaching process achieve a level of harmony and self acceptance around these same topics.

Life Coaching can achieve dramatic and profound results – things as visible to the eye as weight loss and body transformation – as well as more subtle outcomes like stopping excessive drinking, or quitting smoking, or being able to speak more confidently in public.

It is also important to touch on what Life coaching is not – as in terms of mentoring or counselling or even therapy.  Life coaching is not about going backwards, or even going to far into the whys and reasons for where you are today.  Instead, life coaching is designed to achieve results by accepting where you are right at the present moment and then using skills to grow and adapt to make it better.

Life coaching benefits?

The main benefit of life coaching is that results are achieved rapidly.  Or should that be more rapidly – than say, just willpower and natural growth alone.  Another benefit Life Coaching brings is the intensity of focus to the moment and with that comes the full force of your personal power.

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Life Coaching Definition is big on accountability – and it certainly can be confronting to be accountable to a life coach on sensitive topics.  For this reason, we always use a client based pace for progress, so that occasional slip ups and setbacks are entirely acceptable and not a reason to quit the program.

Life coaching benefits like feeling less overwhelm, being able to see things with clarity and feeling more attuned to your life purpose are what people report from the life coaching experience.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach takes on a variety of roles.  My heart centered life coach training is based on the following techniques

  • Identifying your personal values

Often clients come to coaching knowing that they want a change – ie, knowing what they no longer want, but not knowing what they do want.  It’s a negative spiral to begin with so we will break it down and unpackage it so that there is more to work with than just the things you don’;t want.  Whilst knowing what to avoid is helpful, it doesn’t make for a very good road map going forward as you are only using negative reference points as landmarks.

Seriously, you want to grow forward with some positive and growth oriented pointers, and these are your personal values.  Many clients have only a vague appreciation of their personal values.  It is easy to confuse the values you have absorbed from your environment with your true core essential values.  A life coach can help you disassemble all that and gain some lasting clarity around your own values.

Your personal values are what drive your decision making when you are making pure choices, unfettered by social obligations or other pressures.  When you act in alignment with these values, you experience the deep satisfaction of clarity of purpose.

  • Claiming your Archetypes

Archetypes are the ancient templates of the human condition.  Archetypes are pre-destined behavioural types that we all share as part of our human universe.  Archetypes are signposts and reference points for our journey – and give us a sense of continuity across our life.  It’s comforting to be able to reconcile your self with part of a bigger picture outside of the confines of religion and spirituality.

By diving deep into your personal values and strengths, you can quite clearly nominate the archetypes that pertain to your character and personality.  It’s a great way to bring some simple clarity to your own process – much like having a star sign or a Chinese year character is an indicator for you to base your self analysis from.  Archetypes have that universal appeal and a timeless quality about them.

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Once you have identified them, they are with you and help you navigate your responses to situations on a daily basis.  I know my weaknesses from my own archetypes and know when to be aware I am letting myself get away with something from an archetype point of view – it gives me some personal accountability and helps me focus.

  • Identifying your goals and areas of growth

Once you are fully loaded with this new self awareness from the previous exercises, it is a simple route to identifying your goals and concentrating on areas for growth.  This may sound straightforward, but for once in your life you may be identifying with a goal that is not driven by family expectations or social pressures.  Just think how much freedom you can have available if you let go of those limiting beliefs!

  • Putting together and action plan

Like all traditional coaches through out history – putting together the action plan and bringing it all to life is where the magic actually happens.  Finding the time to implement and make the plan a priority is a skill in itself.  It begins with examining how you spend your day and any simple areas where you could make up some time.  Again, it can be very revealing to see on paper just how much time you are spending scrolling through social media – even when it is during “breaks”.

Implementing is most simple by adjusting your morning routine – there is usually an hour that can be found quite easily in the golden moments before dawn.  How?  Simply by going to bed an hour earlier.  Not watching the latest episode of reality TV or walking away from Netflix is simple to implement.

Life Coaching Definition

The best definition of life coaching is that which you bring to life for yourself.  As a life coach, let me introduce myself – Bren Murphy – trained under Anne Hartley in heart centered life coaching and using traditional eastern spiritualism from Yoga and Buddhism as well as the hard science of Positive Psychology.  Life coaching with me is a fun exploration of what can be – and I am living proof that no matter how stuck or incomplete you may feel at the moment, there is profound change available for you.  Join me right now by completing the coaching client questionnaire.

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