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Life Coaching Newcastle

Life Coaching Newcastle

Most people don’t truly comprehend the power they have more than their own mind and that is the core goal of life coaching Newcastle.  We operate using several different modalities, including mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology and NLP.  With NLP, once you have an understanding about how your mind develops these programs you can then apply a range of tools to boost what is working well, change what isn’t really operating in the way you desire and even develop new programs to obtain you to where you wish to go.

Neuro Linguistic Programs (NLP) includes tools and workouts you can utilize with yourself or with others to help change behaviours, abilities and beliefs to align yourself closer to your worths and ultimately to be who you wish to be.

How exactly does a caterpillar transform into a butterfly? I had this image that inside the chrysalis the caterpillar changed into a butterfly; that through shape-shifting wizardry the caterpillar grew antenna, longer legs and wings, and …!

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What actually happens is that the caterpillar passes away and breaks down into a blob of primitive goop. The butterfly eventually emerges as an entirely new entity from the initial caterpillar.

Human improvement at Life Coaching Newcastle remains in many ways similars to that of the caterpillar: in order to transform, both caterpillar and human must undergo a death or dying process and a renewal or renewal process. The difference is that while a caterpillar’s death and renewal is mostly physical, for the human being it is mostly a deep inner process: a revolution of your understanding of who you are and your function and location in this world.

Our fantastic mind at its core is quite simple to comprehend and, in turn, rather simple to reprogram. The majority of beliefs that we hold simply are not in fact real or accurate for our lives now; yet– our mind reacts to them as if they are.

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Our NLP students deal with their own process – one in particular was working with her mind/body connection to assist her in reducing weight. She recognized a pattern of behaviour where she gained weight when she was feeling stressed and had the ability to launch the weight when the tension was lowered. She made use of a range of the NLP tools she learnt how to help her mind procedure perceived stress in a new way– however she still needed to recognize and change the belief which was underlying her weight gain. To do this, among the tools that she was utilizing was her timeline. Just like history has a timeline, you do too– it stores everything from your past, your present and even your future.

Her unconscious mind, which includes every single memory ever had– exposed to her a film of her three-year-old self with her moms and dads, who were separating. She might see her younger self wanting to know what was going on, and the response she was getting was, “you’re too little– you can’t handle it … when you’re bigger you’ll be able to manage it”. Listen to that once again – “you’re too little … when you’re larger you’ll be able to manage it”.

Now, the unconscious mind takes everything literally and is not able to judge, and, prior to our mindful filters of analysing and thinking appear (typically around 6-12 years of ages), we have only the capability to make meaning from the analysis we make unconsciously.  If you are experiencing mental health challenges, it is really helpful to seek focused help.

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Transformation is marked by an awakening, a realisation that there is much more to who you are than you have actually come to think, and is followed by a brave journey where your ego-based, limiting self idea passes away so that more of your real self can emerge. Like the caterpillar’s death cells, your old self idea will hold on to its existence and rage, rage against the dying of its light. This resistance appears as suffering, discontent and accessory to restricting beliefs.

In turn, her unconscious mind created a BELIEF– when you are little in size you can’t handle things, and if you want to deal with things (like stress), you’ll require to be a bigger size. When Life Coaching Newcastle was able to help her change the belief– her mind assisted her to process food and tension in new ways.

Worldwide today, with so much more understanding about the brain, biochemistry and neurology– we are spoilt for choice about ways to best handle our mind. This is where the supreme concern comes in: do you choose to manage your mind or do you continue to let your mind handle you?

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— a restored self, born of the ground of Being that is the essence of who you are. In any situation you can enhance this emerging self by asking the terrific transformational question: Who do I pick to Be? Invite to Life Coach Newcastle – this is your time.