Life Coaching Sydney

Life Coaching Sydney

life coaching sydney
Bren Murphy Life Coaching Sydney

Finding Life Coaching in Sydney is simple when you prefer the comfort and informal experience of phone based conversation.

The reason phone based conversation is the preferred method at Life Coaching Sydney is

  • comfortable home environment
  • less body language and visual cues
  • listening is more active and word focused
  • effortless time and/or travel to appointments
  • Flexibility of delivery

Comfortable Home Environment

Let’s face it, life coaching can be confronting and revealing at times. You will be spending time addressing some of the big issues in life. Where better to talk about these important things than in the comfort of your own home?  I find that clients are often most candid and open when they are in familiar surrounds.  Being relaxed and calm really helps people to open up and share.  It’s genuinely good for you to sit down on your favourite lounge, put your feet up, and start talking.

Even better that no one is looking at you.  Having the privacy and confidentiality of phone based consultations means that Life Coaching Sydney allows you a certain dignity to confront topics you might not otherwise wish to in a face to face setting.

Less Body Language and Visual Cues

Just being able to talk and get right down into the issues is so much more rewarding than being self conscious.  Feeling as though you are being judged on your appearance or how much eye contact you make simply doesn’t help.  In the same way, not having body language to contend with for both the coach or the coachee means that the focus is purely on what is being said.

Listening is More Active and Word Based

Listening on the phone is simply about letting the other person speak.  There is a great hesitancy to speak over the other person or interrupt – in this way I get some really well thought out and complete discussions – simply by letting the client talk and share his/her story.  Having the sole focus on the story is also powerful in that you do go even further into detail and explain completely what you are thinking about – for some reason it is just so much better by phone at Life Coaching Sydney.

Effortless Travel / Appointment Preparation

Phone based consults are really able to be accessed in minutes – there is no driving to and from appointments – no getting showered and dressed for the meeting, no childcare or other arrangements.  Phone based means yo can literally step out of the office / kitchen / workshop and take you life coaching conversation and then seamlessly resume whatever it was you were doing.  In this way, coaching is completely accessible and within reach – no matter where you live in Sydney.

Flexibility of Delivery

Imagine being able to schedule your life coaching appointments for your train ride home?  Or for when you are at your child’s swimming lesson?  Take advantage of short coffee break coaching whilst you are at college?  It’s possible and completely attainable using the phone based interview and conversation method at the life Coaching Sydney.