Wellness Coaching Newcastle

Do I have to change who I am to do exactly what I like – it’s a common question we answer at Wellness Coaching Newcastle regularly. The response is yes, and it is not nearly as painful as you may believe. When you go from one dull task to another one, very little personal modification is needed. Often it is more about suppressing your true self to fit some stereotype that your other employees expect of you. At the very same time, when you go from ‘doing a basic job you have outgrown’ to a vocation that is living and breathing doing what you like, it does need a change. It needs you to stop and find your real authentic self and make some choices and choices about who you actually wish to be.

It needs a lifting the ‘cover’ off your real authentic self. It requires threat, creativity, and a new way of considering your work and life.  This is at the core of being true to your self and the basic honesty behind Life Coaching Newcastle.

Case Study 1 – Gordon

Meet Gordon.  Gordon had fallen into a role when he was younger through not being assertive – and now, after a decade being promoted and climbing up a ladder he never really wanted to climb in the first place – he found himself far from where he really wanted to be.  But family responsibilities meant he had to keep stuck.  Or did it?  He came to see us and experienced the benefits of life coaching firsthand for himself.

One day, Gordon just could not take it any more. He understood that the discomfort of not changing was unexpectedly greater than the discomfort involved with altering. He made the leap, and the real estate market was unforgiving at initially, but Gordon has grown with the challenge.  Through mindfulness and meditation techniques, Gordon has grown comfortable with his new self image.

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Case Study 2 – Tankina

Tankina Provost, a granny of 2, now simply shy of 70 years of ages and an accomplished, keeps in mind back when she made the huge change. Shortly after turning 40, she realized that her passion was painting. Regardless of the unpredictability of making ends satisfy every month, and initially having to reside in the back of her gallery while she rented her home, and regardless of the makeshift bed, and showers with a garden hose pipe, she understood this is what she needed to do.

Tankina’s change literally fit the definition of life coaching – increasing her self awareness and then working with her strengths to find genuine alignment.

What can we gain from Gordon and Tankina and others who made comparable changes in their life? It is not easy to make huge changes like this, and it will take excellent sacrifice. It will need emotional strength, unwavering belief in yourself, and a willingness to take risks with your life.

Career Change Life Coaching

First, decide exactly what you truly wish to do. Find out what you are good at doing, and what you actually delight in. This is where you should focus. All the guidelines we learn in school, and through life, about improving our weak points is a waste of time and life. If you do this, you will simply have the ability to do great deals of things, but they will all do not have energy and enthusiasm. It is far better to focus your life’s work and all your efforts on what you really love to do.  And it can be such a help to have a discrete, private personal coach working as an online life coach.

Positive Psychology Coaching

Asking yourself this question is a healthy exercise. I doubt that you will die, and even go homeless. I have found that when a person does exactly what they love, they all of a sudden find new imagination they didn’t understand existed as they determine brand-new methods to make the money they have to keep doing what they like. This is almost like an addiction, but this dependency is good for your soul!

Exactly what’s the best that could happen if you do change?

This is an even much better question to ask. Think of how the relationships in your life will enhance. Think of how much better you will be when you have the courage to change your life. Think about how much more energy you will have in your life.

First visualize what you want. Jot down exactly what you want to do.

Start speaking with others now about this dream. Each day, take small steps towards your dream. These steps might be research, reading, taking a class, or speaking to another person who currently does exactly what you wish to do. Measure your development as you go. It holds true that exactly what gets measured, gets done – it requires you to reflect on your development. Reward yourself every action of the method. Small benefits you provide yourself can be the very best gifts of all!

What is at stake if you don’t make the switch?

If you can not define for yourself what the result of not changing will have on your life, you will not alter. Only when you plainly see the outcome of NOT changing, will you unexpectedly find the inner strength to change.

Merely remaining who you are works, but not sufficient. To live with employment enthusiasm, and do work that can last a lifetime takes nerve, action, and imagination. And part of this is what makes a life coach salary so hard earned.  It will also take a ‘coming out’ of the real you, no longer stressed over what others will believe. Modification is hard, however only through tough modification will you really grow and, as a result, get new viewpoints about yourself and your world