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Putting together a weekend retreat, weekend workshop or wellbeing weekend is exciting!  For me personally, an understanding of spirituality, and the spirit-mind-body framework, has actually been really, very helpful in orienting me in the right direction for self-empowerment. It’s about getting the right mix with right people and then letting the magic unfold.  This is what a brilliant wellness retreat is about.  Therefore that is going to be the thrust of my talk today.

wellness retreat
Wellness Retreat to open your mind

I am first going to talk about consciousness and exactly what it is. We are going to talk about feelings and emotions, and how they relate to self-empowerment.

Wellness Retreat

Self-empowerment is simply understanding the concept that you are an immortal spirit. Feelings, dear ones, are the gateway to spirit, which we are going to talk about soon.

All right, we typically speak about spirit, body and mind, and we normally position spirit on top, mind in the middle, and body on the bottom.  But this is not the way it works at every wellness retreat.  I know for example with my own health and wellness weekend MindBodyCalm.com.au that finding the balance between personal growth and spirituality is a fine balance.

This shows the concept of “as above, so below,” however it also offers spirit, or consciousness, the higher position. And this is precise, I think. Those people on the spiritual course understand that we are not these fleshy bodies, which we survive on after the body passes away.

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And we are pretty sure that we are not the mental images and the thoughts that appear in our minds, for we can observe these things and different ourselves from them. We can not BE them, or we would never ever know we weren’t them. There, I have actually simply disposed of countless years of viewpoint in one sentence!

So the first thing we have to ask is, “What is spirit? What is consciousness?” All of us know that in order to be successful in anything, we initially have to specify a goal. It’s really powerful to connect with an intention with your meditation and mindfulness.  If you go on a trip, you first need to have a destination strongly in mind. And so too with self-empowerment. Simply puts, everyone here comprehend to a higher or lower degree that we are souls.

Mind Body Calm Wellness Retreat

We entirely reject the deluded philosophies of materialism, which reduce a human being to a biological robot; a powerless sponge for electro-magnetic and electrochemical inputs. Exactly what exactly is a spirit? When we ask this question, we are actually asking, “Who are we actually?” There is really a great deal of confusion on this subject, which has the tendency to make the entire topic of spirituality and self-empowerment confusing as well.

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Let’s try to differentiate in between what spirit is, and what it isn’t really.

In Hindu thought there is the principle of prana, an undetectable compound that represents life-force energy, the stimulating principle. It’s what we try to nourish at a wellness retreat.  The Chinese call vital force chi. We call it the force, or orgone energy. Christians call this animating energy, the soul. The popular author Wallace Wattles called it ‘thought-substance.’ The Egyptians informed us about the Mer-Ka-Ba, a sphere of Light that surrounds the body; a sort of Lightship that can be used to take a trip to other dimensions and universes.  These elements are important in aspects of happiness life coaching.

All of these things describe something ephemeral and undetectable, yet something that, in our most mindful and awakened minutes, can be seen and felt. And the important point here is that we do not see life force energy with our 5 human senses, since in that case, everybody would see it and the presence of such a thing would be so obvious that we wouldn’t be here today at this conference!

Wellness Weekend

Chi, prana, or life force are meanings of energy. Subtle, unnoticeable energy perhaps, however energy nonetheless. Former NASA scientist Barbara Brennan declares to see auras, and established an organization to help other people to do so. Some of you have probably read her books, “Hands of Light” is among them. She explains different layers of subtle energy that surround the body.

Some medical intuitives can see colors or distortions in an individual’s body or energy field, even from long distances, and utilize this info to assist heal an individual. We know of medical wonders where an individual all of a sudden, through an extensive surprise or change in heart or mindset, overcomes a fatal disease. I personally understand two of these people. So, is exactly what we are this animating energy? Is consciousness or spirit, life force? Are we our auras or our Lightbodies, as some call them?